Spotlight series 2022


Our Spotlight subjects for 2023 (click for the complete list) have been announced, with the first three months of the new year exploring the issues of building a coaching business, team coaching, and coaching and psychology. We would love to hear from members who are excited about one (or more) of these subjects and have an idea or a resource worth sharing. If you would like to do that, find out more here, and email Marian Rosefield on [email protected] to say how you would like to contribute. During 2022, we have covering the latest research and ideas related to supervision, children and young people, research, mentoring, health and wellbeing, and climate change.

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Coaching and climate change

Our Spotlight for December focuses on coaching and climate change, with a podcast interview with Rita Symons, the pick of the best recent books and articles on climate change, recommended by Zoe Cohen and Linda Aspey, and a series of blog posts based on the new book by Charly Cox and Sarah Flynn, Climate Change Coaching.

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Mentoring for inclusion

Our Spotlight for October focuses on mentoring for inclusion in the voluntary sector, and includes webinars on creating successful and inclusive mentoring programmes, a podcast interview on the life-changing impact of mentoring, a blog on levelling the playing field for women, and our book of the month on diversity in coaching.

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Covid-19 and young people

Our Spotlight for August focuses on the impact of the pandemic on children and young people, and how coaches and mentors can offer support. The resources include a webinar about volunteer work with children and young people, a free book chapter, and a resource list.

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Climate change

Our Spotlight for June focuses on coaching and climate change. We have some great resources to share, including podcast interviews with Charly Cox and Tanya Nash, plus a series of blog posts based on the new book Climate Change Coaching.

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Our Spotlight for April focuses on the role and value of mentoring. The resources include a webinar, a blog post reflecting on mentoring relationships, and a podcast interview with Beth Stallwood on the role of mentoring in supporting gender balance in organisations.

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Coaching and mentoring children and young people

Our February Spotlight focuses on coaching and mentoring children and young people. We have a range of resources on the topic, including webinars, a podcast, and a sample book chapter.

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Menopause and the workplace

Our Spotlight for November focuses on menopause and the workplace, with a webinar on 15 November on peri-menopausal and menopausal challenges in the workplace; podcasts with Kathryn Colas and Suzanne Dunn on the menopause and workplace coaching; plus medical resources and a blog piece on how to be a menopause informed coach.

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Our Spotlight for September focuses on the role and value of research in coaching, mentoring and supervision. Our resources include a webinar on the key findings of the Ridler Report into how organisations use coaching, plus a podcast interview with Ana Paula Nacif exploring the philosophies underlying coaching and research.

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Our Spotlight for July focuses on coaching supervision. The resources include a podcast discussion on how power works in supervision, a blog post on the challenges of providing supervision in organisations, and a webinar on internal supervision.

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Health and wellbeing

The resources for our May Spotlight include a webinar on type 2 diabetes, a blog post, and a podcast interview with Professor Daryl O’Connor about the role of psychology in the Covid response, and the latest research into stress, suicide and wellbeing.

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Our Spotlight resources for March focus on the value of research in coaching, mentoring and supervision practice. The resources include a webinar, a reading list of recent research, plus a podcast interview with Dr Paul Stokes of Sheffield Hallam University.



Our January Spotlight focuses on supervision. We have a range of resources on the topic including webinars and a podcast. Come and check out the content for the latest advice on supervision.


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