Resource topics in 2020


On this page, you’ll find the resource topics we published throughout 2020. If your’re looking for the latest in our resource content, please see our Spotlight series 2021. Please follow us on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook, as we promote the latest resources on our social media channels. And please email if you have suggestions or requests, as we are keen to hear from you.

Sheffield statues wearing Coronavirus masks


The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic is creating huge challenges for EMCC UK members. We are gathering resources specifically for those working in coaching, mentoring and supervision.

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Coaching and climate change

These resources enable practitioners to become more aware of the relevance of climate change for their own practice, and to inform and promote debate in our profession.

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Team coaching

Coaching a team is much more complex than coaching an individual, involving group dynamics, facilitation, leadership skills, and much more. Find our resources on this growing area here.

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Mental health and wellbeing

Maintaining good mental health for ourselves and our clients is more important than ever in the coronavirus pandemic. Check our growing list of resources in this vitally important area.

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Coaching in a digital world

Social distancing in the current crisis means that all coaches, mentors and supervisors need to adopt digital methods of connecting, including Zoom, FaceTime, and other tools. Find our growing list of resources here.

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Coaching young professionals

Millennials will make up half of the workforce by 2021, so how can we help our young people become the best versions of themselves at work?