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Welcome to our resource pages focused on supervision. These pages have been organised to enable EMCC UK members find useful information on all things supervision – such as on the different ways to use supervision, how to find a supervisor, and the EMCC requirements for how often you should access supervision. Also included are details of our upcoming SIG, the podcast series on internal coaching supervision, and some great new discounts on supervision-related books.


Latest blog posts


Exploring how trauma shows up in coaching supervision – Julia Robinson shares findings from her research
Maximising coaching potential through supervision – Jeffrey Wotherspoon shares a supervision journey
An inside story on peer supervision – Liz Cox shares her experience of 10 years in a peer supervision group
EMCC’s Global Supervision Framework – Tom Battye shares practical tips for coaches, mentors and supervisors
Enriching supervision with Heron’s six-category model – Yvette Elcock shares a valuable supervision framework

Exploring the benefits of group supervision – Sandra Wilson on group supervision and professional development
What LEGO Serious Play offers supervisors and supervisees – Paul Sanbar on LEGO and coaching supervision
Introducing the leaders of our new Supervision Special Interest Group – by Kevin Cowley and Mia O’Gorman
Shining a light on internal coaching supervision – Jeremy Gomm reflects on our recent podcast series
Five books for coaches and mentors about supervision – Paul Heardman selects five books for supervisees

Supervision – what’s your flavour? Five EMCC UK board members share their supervision experience
Supervision: ‘I have no idea what is going to happen, and I love it!’ Kevin Cowley on the supervision relationship
Two perspectives on coaching supervision – Jeremy Lewis and Sam Isaacson on internal coaching
What is the chemistry of supervision? Michelle Lucas on how to find a new supervisor

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Supervision special interest group

Our new Supervision special interest group launched in January 2024 with special guest speakers Robin and Joan Shohet. Read an introduction to the group and to its co-leads, Mia O’Gorman and Kevin Cowley.

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Supervision FAQs

In a series of questions, we explore the essentials  from a supervises’ point of view, including why supervision is important, how much supervision I need, and how to find a supervisor.

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Book discounts for members

We have a growing list of recommended books in the area of supervision which are available to EMCC UK members at a 20% discount. Find them here – and check back as we add more discounted titles.

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Spotlight on supervision

Our July 2023 Spotlight on supervision includes a large number of resources, including podcasts, blog posts, and online events. Look out for our July 2024 Spotlight, which will focus on the supervision of mentors.

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Internal coaching supervision podcasts

Join our our podcast hosts, Katharine St John-Brooks and Jeremy Gomm, as they explore the value and experience of internal coaching supervision with the help of special guests.

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Techniques for supervisors

Discover supervision techniques from Michelle Lucas’s book, 101 Coaching Supervision Techniques, Approaches, Enquiries and Experiments. Our thanks to Michelle Lucas for sharing this resource.