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launch of east midlands network event in 2019

socialising at the EMCC UK event

Our networks are a great way to socialise, share experiences, and learn alongside other coaches, mentors and supervisors. We have networks across the UK, and the meetings are open to everyone, whether or not you’re an EMCC UK member. See below for the network nearest to you.

Northern networks



Scotland and Wales networks


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Thames Valley

The networks are communities of practice which are run by our volunteer teams. They’re self-governing and self-sustaining, although part of the EMCC UK family. Throughout the year, the coordinators for each network host a variety of meetings (currently being held using zoom), which feature informal discussion, expert speakers and peer supervision. Joining is free, although there’s a small charge for the speaker led CPD meetings to cover basic costs, which is £10 for members and £15 for non-members.

If you’re a member of one network, you can attend any other network meeting, particularly as we are operating in a virtual world at the moment. When we are back to face to face meetings,  if you happen to be in a different network area when they are running a meeting you are welcome to join them . Find our event listings here.