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EMCC International Conference 2019

Dublin 24th – 26th April 

A few members of the EMCC UK Board of Directors and Governors took time out of their busy schedules to meet with other members and fellow volunteers by attending the annual EMCC conference which was held in Dublin in 2019. A number of UK members were present and it was a valuable opportunity to network, connect with new colleagues and take time to reflect on and add to the toolbox in terms of practice.

The event was opened by the International president Dr Riza Kandilar. He was followed by Keith Barry and his presentation ‘Magic Mind’. This was an intriguing and challenging keynote. 
Throughout the conference, there was a choice of workshops covering a range of subjects. Many were participative and creative which delegates seemed to enjoy. 
International volunteers including many UK based coaches and mentors at the end of the first day of the conference

Day 2 started with a really grounded key note from David Clutterbuck, Paula King and Rosarii Mannion sharing their experience of embedding a coaching and mentoring culture in the health service in Ireland. Day 2 ended with a great deal of energy, with a formal conference dinner with singers, incredible drummers and dancing (no photos of the dancefloor you will be pleased to hear).

The conference ended on the Friday with the legendary Tim Gallwey giving a presentation about the ‘Inner Game’ and his personal experience of becoming a coach not an instructor. 

Riza closed the conference early on the Friday afternoon. Some of us rushed off. Others had a slight diversion for an obligatory half a Guinness!
Key points of learning for us were:-
Creating a coaching culture is not an end in itself. It is about impact on clients, citizens and those we serve
Co-creation is an energising part of what we do as coaches and mentors
The importance of professional development and accreditation
We have a responsibility as coaches and mentors in significant issues like sustainability 

The conference next year is in Paris 19th – 21st March 2020.