Coaching Psychology SIG - 'When the going gets tough' psychology - 4th March 2024

Paula Reid specialises in ‘when the going gets tough’ psychology. Paula is an extreme adventurer with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She has been coaching for 20+ years and coaches Executives, Groups and Adventurers. She calls her business ‘Adventure Psychology’ with the strapline “Going Knowingly into the Unknown (™)”.


Paula Reid plans to present her unique niche of psychology - ‘Adventure Psychology’, or as she describes it ‘when the going gets tough’ psychology (see her Routledge book: Adventure Psychology compares with life’s journey or ‘the hero’s journey’ - a long, endurance event full of peaks and troughs. It particularly specialises in: uncertainty, endurance, extreme conditions, fear, failure, courage, challenge and change. Paula coaches using positive psychology foundations and adventure psychology content / experience. 

In this session she plans to: present adventure psychology, perhaps talk a little of her own experiences (skiing to South Pole, volunteering in Ukraine, etc) and then present a Case Study involving atypical coaching conditions… As Ranulph Fiennes said about her work:  “Paula is onto something big here with her Adventure Psychology. The will to succeed and endure is key to performance.” Sir Ranulph Fiennes. 

She describes her mission to ‘support and challenge people to thrive’ and has her own psychological triage model which includes the important baseline - ‘survival’ mode. This session plans to be different and come at the coaching psychology theme from a different angle to provoke fresh insight and stimulate new thinking. 

Guest Speaker
From Skiing to the South Pole to Yacht Racing round-the-world, Paula Reid has learned to develop the mindset to thrive and perform in the toughest of conditions.  She draws on her extreme adventuring experience, business acumen and Masters in Positive Psychology to help individuals and organisations survive and thrive in challenging conditions. see: or 

The Organiser


Beth is a psychologist, artist, and researcher living in Manchester, UK. She is an EMCC accredited coach at senior practitioner level and works as a coaching supervisor, with specialisms in coach wellbeing and the creative self. Her best work happens at the intersection of psychology, coaching and creativity.


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04/03/2024 18:00 - 19:30
GMT Standard Time
ZOOM - on line webinar

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