Diversity and Inclusion Listening Circle 13

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Another opportunity for you  to get involved in an interactive conversation considering the question, "How do we, as members of this UK professional body, actively learn, model and practice being more inclusive from today onwards?"

Members of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging National Working Group, are hosting more Listening Circles considering the question, "How do we, as members of this UK professional body, actively learn, model and practice being more inclusive from today onwards?"

The Why

Across the world, COVID has exposed the elements of our societies and systems that are undeniably broken. Lockdown in the UK has offered some scope for pause and reflection about the ways of our world, our own participation in that world and how we might move forward into the coming weeks and months.

As a profession, we are uniquely placed to influence the thinking capacity, individual character and decision making of all those who lead, from CEOs in businesses, organisations and institutions all the way to Mums and Dads in families and communities. Everyone leads in some shape or form.

Our own capacity to coach and lead is shaped by the extent to which we invest in 'doing our own work’ to be able to meet each other and our clients in the 'field beyond right and wrong’ with humility, compassion and empathy.

This invitation is a call to courage for us to explore how we might collectively and individually move beyond our written Diversity and Inclusion policies to develop our mindset and the CPD resources we need, to grow our capacity to be much more inclusive in how we mentor, coach and supervise.

It may not feel like an easy conversation to begin with but we can no longer accept that this question above is not our challenge, is not our burden and is not our work. For this reason alone, we propose that this is an essential conversation for us to share in and shape together. 

As we evolve our practice of articulating our own thoughts, feelings and core assumptions so we will all grow together and contribute to bringing about much needed balance, tolerance and social justice

The How

One lesson that we have learned from Indigenous people over the years is the importance of being in circle together, and truly listening to one another to allow group wisdom to emerge.  To that end, these Listening Circles will follow traditional facilitation practices. 

The idea is to return us to a kinder, more inclusive place where people are not only seen but also heard, but where a safe container provides the space to say what needs to be said - possibly for the first time - and offers room for us all to learn from our missteps and new insights that will inevitably emerge. 

The level of thinking that got us to here is not the level of thinking that we now need to answer the question.

For those that choose to participate, we will provide a Welcome Pack prior to each Listening Circle so that you are fully briefed, have had an opportunity to review the context setting materials and know what will happen, when and how.

The ’So What'

On completion, the primary threads from these new Listening Circle conversations that take place between November and March will be reviewed and distilled into a short strategy document which will form the terms of reference that inform how we will move forward to shape an expanded DEIB strategy for EMCC UK. The content of these conversations will be non-attributable.

This strategy will set out the essential ‘must-do’s’ and the priority order and phases in which they are developed and implemented.

To accommodate people’s priorities and calendars we have scheduled 5 more Listening Circles on the following dates:

4th November, 2nd December, 6th January, 3rd February & 3rd March

There are 12 places available in each circle. These will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Following on from this event we would like to keep in touch with you on this important subject. If you do not want to receive any follow-up emails please email [email protected] and she will remove your name from the distribution list.



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04/11/2021 12:00 - 13:00
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