Free Knowledge Exchange Series - Building your Coaching Business - Session 4 of 6

Building a successful Coaching Business is a challenge in its' own right!  We all train to become professional and qualified coaches, mentors and supervisors, but when it comes to the challenge of setting up and building our own successful business, we may well need a helping hand. The EMCC is here to help support you to do just that.

We propose that the 6 key areas that anyone setting up their own business may need, would involve identifying your own USP; selling your skills; finding paying clients; deciding on a pricing structure; demonstrating ROI to clients and finally accessing funding to help build your own business. With this in mind, we are offering 6 practical workshops aimed at these crucial areas.  Join us in this Road to Discovery, and help us all learn and share more around these six topics.

The three remaining interactive zoom sessions will include: 


Session 4 - Establishing Your Costing Structure - 10th May

Session 5 - Demonstrating ROI - 17th May

Session 6 - Accessing Funding - 24th May

Each session will start at 5 pm with half an hour of networking.  The session itself will last from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm with a further chance to network between 7.30 and 8 pm. 

The Building Your Coaching Business series is part of  EMCC UK’s efforts to support its members and promote Knowledge Exchange around how to build your own coaching business. It is a free initiative, whose sole purpose is to support members with the challenges they are currently facing in this challenging economic environment.

Alongside the series, we’re also launching a new set of online resources for EMCC UK members.

This event, hosted by Julie Allan, looks at how to establish your costing structure.  This event is part of a series of events about how to build your business: it will help you understand how to set up and run your own successful coaching business.

Establishing your costing structure: practical tips and tools

  • Do you ever wonder if you are charging the right price / could earn more?
  • Do you ever wonder what pricing structure(s) best suit your business, to generate more business (at a better price)?

Julie is happy to share her experiences and knowledge in this area, in an interactive session where you can learn more about your business, where it sits in the marketplace and how to set the right pricing structure to enable you to sell at the right price to your chosen clients. 

The interactive event will cover:

  • Pricing – WHAT to charge for your work (& how to set your prices / costing structure)

Participants will have the opportunity to work together in small groups to understand what this means to them and their business.  The event will close with a review of learning & a brief Q&A session.

About Julie Allan – Julie Allan Coaching

Julie is an experienced, influential, achievement-oriented commercial coach & team coach.  She brings her considerable strategic board-level business experience and all that she is to her coaching work with individuals and teams across Europe.  Her strong support and challenge enable improved self-awareness, lasting change and improvement in the performance of individuals, teams and businesses.  She has run her own coaching business since 2009. 

She is accredited via the EMCC at Master Practitioner level and is also a qualified coaching supervisor and a mentor and coach educator.  She also regularly runs CPD events and has articles published on various coaching related topics, as part of her ongoing contribution to the coaching profession.

Julie passionately believes in the inherent capability of all, and everyone’s ability to continuously learn, develop and grow.  Her passion for everyone to achieve their fullest potential underpins all that she does.  She uses Gestalt-based & Three Principles coaching alongside other tools to complement her coaching skills.     

We will be recording the session (excluding the networking) and the recording will be made available to everyone who registers for the event.


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5/10/2021 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
GMT Daylight Time
Virtual - Webinar
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