Affiliate membership is for you if you are:

  • Interested in coaching and mentoring
  • You want to keep connected to developments in the field
  • You want to extend your knowledge about coaching and mentoring with access to quality events

You could be:

  • New to coaching and mentoring
  • Studying for your first qualification
  • Retired from coaching and mentoring

Benefits are:

  • Membership price for any of our events throughout the UK
  • Access to our member website for event information and latest news
  • Recognition that you are an affiliate member of a professional coaching and mentoring organisation
  • Acknowledgement to others that your ascribe to the International Code of Ethics
  • Access to the EMCC International Journal and research papers

Affiliate Membership Price:

£110.00 plus VAT.
If you are paying by direct debit, please use the promotional code DIRECT upon checkout to receive a £10 discount.
The direct debit option is for an annual amount.

By subscribing as a member of EMCC UK you agree to our Terms and Conditions.