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A new EMCC UK Regional Network is being launched in Guildford on Thursday 8th October 2015 at The Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford from 5.30pm to 8pm
Where are we with data to underpin our profession? Can we have some examples of the IMPACT of coaching & mentoring? These vital questions are addressed within this year’s theme of Clear Coaching. Come and join us at either London – October 14th or York – October 21st and find out more about coaching & mentoring practice wisdom and evidence, listen to the compelling case studies and examples on how to capture ROI and run your own data capture research.
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If you are a coach or mentor, a sponsor of coaching or mentoring services, a provider of coaching or mentoring training or you are simply interested in this field then you are in the right place.

You will find here lots of useful and thoughtful information about coaching and mentoring and you are welcome to join us in our quest to develop our profession, to promote good practice and to educate and enable clients of coaching and mentoring to demand good practice.

How our values underpin what we do


available to everyone in mentoring and coaching
We’re driven to do the best for our profession. We recognise that the better we can support it and help it to develop, the more effective it will be. We seek to understand and listen to our members and encourage feedback so that we can improve and enhance our support in line with our members needs.


working in partnership
We welcome everyone working in mentoring and coaching to join us, and openly share knowledge and good practice to advance the profession as a whole. We work collaboratively and transparently, building an accessible and open forum where members, users and practitioners of mentoring and coaching, our sponsors and partners can meet, do business and develop their skills.


shaping the future
The world of mentoring and coaching is growing rapidly. We want to play a pivotal role in its future helping to define, shape and develop the profession. We’re passionate innovators, seeking out partnerships that explore alternative methods and approaches. With our progressive spirit, we aspire to build a great future for all involved with mentoring and coaching.


committed to quality
Professional excellence underscores everything we do. We believe in recognising and raising quality both outside and inside EMCC through our Code of Ethics, Competency Framework, Coaching Agreement and other quality measures. Our professionalism is what gives us integrity and helps build trust with our stakeholders. We’re a professional body staffed and managed by volunteers.

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Members' Stories
As a member for a number of years, I believe membership shows my commitment to the coaching and mentoring profession. Everyone is so helpful and happy to share experiences and ideas. I particularly appreciate the Regional Networks!
Margaret Burnside